Spyware and Viruses

A Piano Teacher Surviving – This Is Truth, Not a Conspiracy Theory

Section 1; Part 1

I am a blameless casualty who has been invaded with Morgellons by some extremely pitiless and psychopathic people. Morgellons, it shows up, are obscure to the overall public. As an individual national of the United States of America, while experiencing this extraordinary injury, I haven’t had chance to do analyst work to pinpoint whether there exists arranged data. My hypothesis is that the morgellon venture is a best mystery and illicit task which numerous have put resources into vigorously. Truth be told, the culprits more than once said “we are put vigorously in dorthy a1. By dorthy a1, they mean the morgellons and their working. The morgellon venture is synonymous with the Dorthy AI venture. I am a guiltless casualty of this venture. My speculations have advanced exclusively from my encounters as a guiltless casualty. I have had no learning of the morgellon framework in some other way.

This task is genuine. It isn’t in any capacity deductively unfeasible. There are numerous approaches to make a kind of recurrence correspondence closely resembling the more crude and conventional walkie talkie framework. In the event that researchers had, for instance, made an arrangement of correspondence utilizing small scale measured particles, in view of sound frequencies, and after that set up speakers for individuals to hear this, the exhibition would be effortlessly acknowledged. The walkie talkie is exceptionally crude contrasted with the morgellon sound collectors in light of the fact that the latte uncommon made out of significantly littler particles and this is the present day capacity. Actually, researchers have been examining nanotechnology for a long time. A portion of the morgellons may even be nano-sized. A walkie talkie, clearly, could be hand-held however not embedded inside anybody’s body. The morgellons, then again, are small to the point that they have capacity to be embedded inside a man’s body, so that the “walkie talkie” framework really turns into a kind of interface with the embedded individual’s neural system. Along these lines, the individual doesn’t hold the walkie talkie to their ear, but instead, the people talking from a separation can talk into the embedded individual’s morgellon (walkie talkie) beneficiaries, and they would then be able to transmit, by associating with the individual’s neural systems identified with sound, and the embedded individual at that point hears individuals, from a far distance, similarly as though the embedded individual was utilizing a walkie talkie framework. The way that numerous morgellons are utilized as beneficiaries enables numerous in excess of one individual to convey, similar to a Skype phone call, from a separation, to the embedded person. Indeed, the little size of the morgellon permits implantation of numerous recipients, and subsequently upwards of thousands could at the same time be on the opposite end, from an extraordinary separation, prepared to impart into the embedded individual’s morgellon beneficiaries.

The embedded individual, if utilizing a walkie talkie framework, could just kill the walkie talkie, and not get any transmissions, however when embedded with a morgellon recipient sound framework, the embedded individual does not have any stopped instrument, and can not kill the transmission.

The overall population, including researchers who haven’t known about such a framework, might address whether this works in all actuality. There have been serious tasks to think about the human neural system, including cerebrum neural capacity. Insightful articles have been composed in regards to the capacity to make a neural ribbon which is the morgellon beneficiaries interfacing with the human neural system so that, by frequencies, the collectors make an association with the human neurons of the mind, particularly sound cerebrum neurons.

Such a framework, if utilized for kind purposes, could help an embedded individual to learn, for instance. mentors, from an extraordinary separation, could talk into the morgellon collectors, through long separation wireless transmission frequencies, and show somebody a remote dialect, or then again, show somebody with a formative inability how to expand their social aptitudes. Atomic vitality, when initially found and created, was presumably imagined as a big-hearted source; be that as it may, this same vitality was then used to build up the nuclear bomb, which expedited the grievous reality of Hiroshima. The morgellon beneficiary framework, in the hands of kindhearted non-psychopathic designers, may have been an amazing revelation, gave that the materials including the morgellons did no mischief to the human body.

Speculatively assume this framework was made by insane people. Suspend your incredulity for a minute altogether, and envision the loathsome malicious abilities of the morgellon recipient framework. In the hands of maniacs, with malicious aim, the morgellon recipient framework turns into an attack of the human neural system and along these lines the human’s brain.; The people’s from an awesome separation need to impart into the embedded individual’s psyche, by means of the neural trim, however the individual accepting has been embedded without wanting to and without their insight and assent, and needs to kill the correspondence yet can not. The insane person engineers and those allied with them, have no code of morals, no guidelines, and no line attracted the sand. The insane people, from a far distance, sending sound to the embedded individual, could then utilize this framework to verbally torment the embedded individual, even step by step. The blameless casualty, on the less than desirable end, is disastrously tossed into a tenacious captive affair, with painful explanations heaved at them in a progressing design. In the mean time the individual needs to work throughout everyday life, and endeavor to cover the down to earth necessities, for example, working and keeping cover over their head.

The world has the Geneva Convention to cover sympathetic treatment of detainees amid war time. The honest casualty of the psychopathic morgellon recipient framework has no such security. ‘The psychopathic culprits can torment broadly, in a merciless, harsh and bestial way without respect for any limits or insurance of the blameless casualty. The length of the torment could stretch out for a far more noteworthy time than the casualty has assets for battling this indefinably terrible frightfulness. I have been battling this torment for over a year and ten months, and it has been step by step and perpetual.

In our current reality where the maniacs have no guidelines or limits, while yet having a lot of money related assets, a large number of them can hold high influence positions, and keeping in mind that showing up as residents on favorable terms, they can execute this barbarity in a profoundly undercover way. It falls unjustifiably upon the casualty to attempt and uncover this illicit unspeakable atrocity inside a societal air of incredulity. Likewise, the guiltless casualty is separated from everyone else in battling for their rational soundness and their life. In reality as we know it where this capacity for perniciousness is denied, it takes a receptive outlook and suspension of skepticism to consider this written work decently.

The morgellon beneficiary framework, it turns out, can work as in excess of a sound framework. This needs to do with the position of the morgellons inside different muscle tissues, and organs of the body, and in places relating with the human sensory system. The way that the morgellons innervate the sensory system in courses past sound transmit, implies that they can influence the human life systems and physiology in different ways. For instance, when culprits, from an extraordinary separation, send their recurrence to the morgellons of the guiltless casualty, now and then rather than a sound correspondence, the morgellons can neural trim with net muscle and innervate, making not simply muscle compression, but instead to a great degree concentrated muscle cramping that goes much past the typical issue and makes outrageous torment the casualty. In particular, the gastrocnemious (lower leg muscles) can contract so seriously that this goes on for a decent 10 minutes of anguishing torment. This can prompt a requirement for muscle recuperating that takes as much as a month. Another life and demise illustration is when morgellons interface with a piece of the neural system which innervates the neck musculature. since this can make enough muscle compression for the throat to fix and moderate gulping. The casualty, fundamentally, can be ‘stifled’ each time the muscles contract, and eating and gulping turns into a to a great degree unsafe and perilous circumstance. Again it falls unjustifiably upon the guiltless casualty to remunerate and discover approaches to eat as securely as can be had under surpassing pressure, or to bite the dust without wanting to.

Up to this point, the data gave must appear to be somewhat odd and incomprehensible to the perusers. At the point when a progressing venture is top mystery, society everywhere hasn’t had any introduction to it, and in this manner it appears to be stunning and much like a Twighlight Zone scene. Notwithstanding, with a receptive outlook and a non-judgmental mentality, the apparently incomprehensible turns into a genuine true to life. The accompanying will be a theory with respect to the make-up of the morgellon recipients, and it will, at initially, stable improbable, yet as you consider it from a natural perspective, it is more than practical as a reality.

The world has turned out to be exceedingly mindful of GMO nourishments. Nobody addresses the truth of the GMO. In any case, honestly, the way toward building up a GMO could seem like sci-fi or not. Corn is a noteworthy GMO sustenance in the United States. A disentangled portrayal of how corn turned into a GMO is that sure chromosomes were controlled; chromosomes from an alternate living being were put into the core of the corn to make it more bug safe, and an infection or organism was utilized to embed the chromosomes. The infection is the thing that crosses the plasma film of the core to permit passage of the chromosomes.

It is my speculation that the morgellon is like a GMO. I am conjecturing; as the casualty of morgellons, I don’t have the genuine logical printed material to peruse, so my theory is my best estimation with regards to the make up of morgellons. You may feel the “Twighlight Zone” impact when the possibility of creepy crawlies becomes an integral factor. In any case, creepy crawlies have an awesome capacity to get sound frequencies. Maybe the sci