Microsoft OneNote Tips: 10 Cool Ways You Can Use OneNote

Utilizing the format of an advanced note pad, Microsoft OneNote is a place to make, assemble, store, and pursuit notes. It’s an extraordinary program to sort out snippets of data that may not effortlessly fit into the structure of one of the other Office programs. What’s more, when you store note pads on your system or in the cloud, you can get to your information from different gadgets and even offer with others.

What Can Go Into OneNote?

With OneNote, you can sort out notes by segments and pages in note pads. These notes can include:




Site pages and Other Hyperlinks

Pictures, Drawings and Media


Information from Other Office Programs

OneNote Tips: Content You Can Easily Insert

OneNote is an extremely adaptable application that can contain an extensive variety of substance. You are not constrained by page estimate or a direct structure. The Insert Ribbon tab gives you a few thoughts of the kind of things you can without much of a stretch embed into OneNote. We should investigate these OneNote hints and the sky is the limit from there.

Record Audio or Video: No compelling reason to utilize your advanced mobile phone to record meeting notes or occasion video. Essentially catch a video or sound chronicle specifically within OneNote. It’s additionally simple to trim the chronicle and playback the sound or video.

Document Printout: Do you need to catch a printout without filtering a record or making a PDF? From any Office program, basically pick Send to OneNote as a printer decision. From this choice, you can determine the name of the note pad, segment, and page where you need to catch the printout. You can likewise embed a printout specifically from OneNote.

Record Attachment: When a printout isn’t required, include a document connection. The document can be opened straightforwardly from OneNote in spite of the fact that the connection doesn’t interface back to the source record that may have been refreshed.

Hyperlinks: Your OneNote note pads can likewise store connects to pages, email locations or documents on your system.

Tables and Spreadsheets: When your notes require a more organized look or even computations, add a table or spreadsheet to a scratch pad page. OneNote even backings conditions and images for more nitty gritty sections.

Date and Time Stamps: As you make notes, including a date as well as time stamp helps report your remarks and augmentations particularly when offering scratch pad to others.

Labels, Tasks, and To Do Items: Organize your notes as activity things by relegating labels to singular notes or things. A Tag signals a thing with a name, for example, To Do thing, Important, or Question. You’ll discover these choices in the Home Ribbon tab or utilize console easy routes, for example, [Ctrl]+1 for To Do to stamp a note. Labels can be sought all through note pads so they can be effectively found. To track, check a To Do Tag when finished or send to Outlook to make an Outlook errand.

Tweaked Pages: Although an inflexible page structure isn’t required in OneNote, you may think that its simpler to work with a few pages by adjusting the look of the page. From the View Ribbon tab, change the page shading, look over an assortment of ruled lines, or alter the size and design of your site visit.

Illustrations: With a touchscreen gadget or workstation and a stylus, you can likewise make shapes and freehand illustrations with an extensive variety of hues and widths. You’ll find these decisions under the Draw Ribbon tab. On the off chance that you don’t have a touchscreen or stylus, OneNote additionally underpins drawing with a mouse. At any rate in case you’re a superior craftsman than I am!

Ink to Text or Ink to Math: Similar to the illustration apparatuses, you can make freehand content in your notes. In the event that your penmanship is lucid, pick the Ink to Text highlight to change over your written work to content.

Investigate these OneNote hints to grow the assortment of ways you can make, catch, and alter essential substance in your OneNote journals.